CONGRATS to our five 2020-21 Scholarship Recipients!

Jaelynn Hoffman, Selena Corona, Josiah DeNooyer, Abigail VanderWell, Arlene Potter

2020 NEWS: The A.S.M. Scholarship Fund is now under the fiduciary trust of GRIL! More info on that shortly, but we’re grateful and excited about this new relationship!

We’re excited about the fund’s growth (it has been an exceptional year, despite a pandemic!), and how that has granted us the ability to extend scholarships to more deserving applicants than ever before.

We offer an online application! (application for the year 2021 opens March 5, 2021)

If you have an interest in contributing to the Fund, or have anything else to address, please connect with us and we’ll be happy to get you the information you need! Plus, you can visit our Donate page if you wish to contribute to the fund, and send more scholars off to higher education.