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The Scholarship Committee:

We are a dedicated group of volunteers who knew and loved Andy and wish to continue his legacy through this scholarship.

The Objective of this Scholarship:

To encourage racial equality, provide opportunity, and promote academic success by giving student scholarships, honoring God and the memory of Andy Schrier.

Andy Schrier:


Fittingly, Andy has a smile on his face and food in hand… he loved to eat, and he loved to laugh!

July 19, 1977 – May 31, 2003
Andrew Wilber Schrier loved the Lord with his heart and soul, mind and strength, and he lived out that love in his life. Andy began the Hattie Beverly Center, a tutoring center for junior and senior high students, in the fall of 2000.
Andy inspired many youth to learn, and to challenge themselves to reach their full potential. He urged church members and neighbors to learn about cultural, racial, and economic differences. Andy’s contagious spirit encouraged greater sensitivity as well as a call to end racism.
Andy was diagnosed with cancer in April of 2002 and passed away one year later.
We dedicate this scholarship program to him and his vision, desiring to honor God in the process.