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Taijah’s Plans for 2019

Taken from Restorers, Inc. newsletter: Taijah Claybrook, pictured above, received an Andy Schrier Memorial Scholarship from Restorers this past summer. We’ve known her for a number of years through her volunteer work with Madison Square Church youth group. We recently received an update about Taijah: She graduated from Grand Valley State University on December 8! […]

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Our 2018-2019 Recipients

If you know these fine young people, congratulate them next time you see them, and find out how things are going for them in their next phase of learning! Freshta Tori Jan, Arlene Potter, Jaquawn Dorris, Taijah Claybrook, Josiah DeNooyer, Mariah Smith, Ashley Verbeek, Selena Corona, & Natasha Nash.

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Mid-Year Celebration

We will be hosting a mid-year gathering on December 17th for a dinner and dialogue where past scholarship recipients can celebrate finishing their first semester, speak with high school seniors about college, and share their wisdom. This will also be a time where current seniors can learn how to apply to the ASMSF.

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Fall 2017 Recipient Love

The Andy Schrier Memorial Scholarship Fund committee met on November 7th, 2017 to make 26 care packages for past scholarship recipients. This was a small gesture to encourage them during the start of a new college year.

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Fundraising for a college tour

Sever Ajimude, working hard at a breakfast fundraiser for the Michigan college tour through Madison Square Church.

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Giving Tuesday

Today, we welcome any contributions you might like to make to the ASMSF. Please head over to the Donate page for a couple of great options to do so… many thanks!

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2014-15 Recipients are off and running!

Audri and Gershom have begun their college journey –congratulations to the both of them, and we wish them much success this coming school year. These 2 worthy recipients will be updating us in December as to how things are going for them at their schools of choice. Stay tuned!

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2013-14 Scholarship Recipients

We’re pleased to announce that six well-deserving young people will receive Andy Schrier Memorial Scholarships this year! This year marks the most recipients we’ve been able to bless with scholarships to help with the high cost of higher education, all thanks to the many donors and supporters of the ASMS Fund over the past 10 […]

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It’s that time of year, seniors!

Scholarships are starting to come out of the woodwork these days. Here is one that stood out: We’ll post more as we come across them, and as always, if you are from the Madison-Hall neighborhood and you feel you might qualify for the A.S.M. Scholarship, please contact us!

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Congrats, Seniors!

We’re proud to congratulate all high school seniors from the class of 2012! We will be bringing you details on the six recipients of the Scholarship, in the coming days. Thanks to all who faithfully contributed to the Fund — without you these fine young people would not be recipients of $1000 toward their continued […]

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